Season 1 Episode 5 : Smoke

'“Boone?” There is a flash in the sky everything is purple then …. The mans gone'.

Something’s happened , something weird. I hear a gun shot and look down. Blood trickles down my shirt. I look down the hole for my book but its gone. I have no way of writing or contacting anyone. I collapse on the ground.

Lying there my eyes open watching something dark coming my way. Its Smoke, it comes closer its moving fast. I cant move lying there , my final seconds. I feel nothing but a pinch it grabs me. I close my eyes - Dead.

Series Final?

This is the season final but theres no possible way of trying to continue it due to the way it ended in the blog post a Season 2 Premiere and give it a title the best one i will do and continue with. So there may be a season 2

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